I Started Looking for a Place in Oceanside

I had to find a new apartment for a very simple reason, my lease ran out and the landlord has been trying to get rid of me for some time now. I got along just fine with the old guy that used to own this place, specifically Oceanside CA apartments . He was a nice old guy who always liked to talk about sports, especially his own college team. He had money and he decided to pack up his golf clubs and retire to the sunny links of Arizona. Unfortunately for me he sold this place to a guy with a serious drinking problem. Of course he is a jerk when he is sober, but when he drinks it is about three times as bad.

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I Don’t Want to Do My Own Maintenance

I have only lived in apartments. I never had the privilege of living in a single home, but I don’t believe I have missed out on anything. If anything, I feel sorry for my friends who have never had the fun of living in an apartment. That is why when I decided to move to Georgia, I didn’t even consider looking at a house to rent. Instead, I did a search for apartments in Decatur GA. There was not even a moment of consideration for anything other than this, because I honestly do feel it is the best way for someone like me to live.

I am a single young woman, and I have no desire on doing anything more than cleaning my apartment and relaxing on my balcony after a long day at work.

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