I Started Looking for a Place in Oceanside

I had to find a new apartment for a very simple reason, my lease ran out and the landlord has been trying to get rid of me for some time now. I got along just fine with the old guy that used to own this place, specifically Oceanside CA apartments . He was a nice old guy who always liked to talk about sports, especially his own college team. He had money and he decided to pack up his golf clubs and retire to the sunny links of Arizona. Unfortunately for me he sold this place to a guy with a serious drinking problem. Of course he is a jerk when he is sober, but when he drinks it is about three times as bad. The guy across the hall decided to call the police on him the last time they got into it. He got in his car and followed him, telling the police where he was going and how he was obviously drunk.

None of that is really relevant, although if I wanted to I could probably stretch this out for some time. I know this because there was another tenant in this same place who simply refused to move out when he could not pay his rent any more. You would think that the landlord could just call the sheriff and have you thrown out on your rear end, but in fact deadbeats have rights in this country too. You can stretch it off for a couple of months apparently and that is exactly what this guy did and he did not have an emotional motive. I would definitely have a good motive to mess with this guy, but obviously that is something that does not really benefit me and it would probably come back to bite me in the rear if I did it.